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Fighting Against Abuse & Bullying

The F.A.A.B Foundation is dedicated to fighting abuse and bullying of our children and youth by using positive self-worth reflections through our program, R.O.A.R - Rude Opinions Aren't Reality, empowering parents and schools to tackle bullying issues head-on, and providing our social media watchdog services to identify and stop cyber-bullying.
  • 1 out of 4 kids are bullied

  • 77% of students are bullied in some form

  • 43% experience cyber-bulllying

  • 160,000 students miss school each day because of bullying.

  • 282,000 kids are physically assaulted each month

  • 100,000 kids carry a gun to school

  • 43% fear bullying in the school bathroom

  • Playground school bullying statistics - Every 7 minutes a child is bullied. Adult intervention - 4%. Peer intervention - 11%. No intervention - 85%

  • Youth suicide deaths from bullying are about 4,400 per year.

Bullying has always been an issue amongst children. However, with the growth of the internet and social media, it has taken on a much different and more dangerous form. Not only do youth experience bullying in classrooms, but the bullying now extends to social media where others can anonymously participate in the bullying, and where videos, photos and malicious photoshopped images can go "viral", causing irreversible damage to an already fragile self-esteem. The F.A.A.B Foundation is dedicated to helping youth find their inner self-love, teach parents the signs to look out for, work with schools to do more to prevent and address bullying, and give parents the tools they need to protect their children. No child should ever feel so much despair, that they choose to make a permanent, life-altering decision over a temporary situation. Let's work together to give our youth the love, hope and peace they are worthy of!

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Michele "Mimi" Evans hails from Washington, DC. She is a married mother who had a vision to start a non-profit organization that would focus on issues effecting today's youth. As a child, Mimi suffered abuse and bullying both at home and in school. Mimi was bullied from elementary school until her freshmen year of high school practically by the same group of girls.  

At home, Mimi suffered verbal, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her father from the ages of 9 -14. Domestic violence between her parents and siblings was also an everyday occurrence.  After being removed from her home and placed in a group home, and eventually two foster homes, she suffered from severe depression. Mimi attempted suicide four times between the ages of 14 and 16. Mimi knew that there are other youth that are currently dealing with situations like hers, however, with the dawn of social media, Mimi saw firsthand how the internet was a new and anonymous way for bullies to attack their victims.


With prayer and the encouragement of family and friends, Mimi started The F.A.A.B Foundation (Fighting Against Abuse & Bullying) to help youth that may be experiencing some of these life-altering issues by providing them with the tools she did not have, to share her strength, and offer hope, encouragement and solutions to children, youth and parents.

Michele is known as Mileeva the Diva, is the CEO of Kutting Edge Radio Broadcastin, K.E.R.B where she also hosts three weekly shows:

Mileeva Speaks, The Friday Drive 90s and 00s Hip Hop and R & B and The 

T.O.T.E, the Topic Of 

The Evening on Fridays from 5 - 7 PM

Planet Rock, Classic Hard Rock and Metal every Saturday from 8 - 10 PM

Smoothed Out Sundays, Jazz and Neo Soul every Sunday from 2 - 4 PM

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The 2nd Edition of From Employee to Entrepreneur is in the works! A solo project from Michele Lee Evans is available for pre-order now, and will be available on October 15th. Pre-order your copy before September 15th and have your name forever included in the final print. 

From Employee to Entrepreneur: The Journey To Empowerment


I AM A Survivor: From Tragedy to Triumph

Seven abuse survivor's tell their stories of tragedy and how they overcame to walk into triumph; healing themselves as they seek to heal and help others.

"Rude Opinions Aren't Reality"

"Never let anyone else's opinion of you, become your REALITY." ~Les Brown


Les Brown's statement is a very powerful one and the inspiration behind the R.O.A.R program. We added "rude" opinions for a reason: good opinions exist and can encourage and motivate children to succeed. Negative opinions and harsh words can have a harmful effect.


Self-worth is the first step in tackling bullying. If you call me "ugly", I have a choice to make that "rude" opinion my "reality", or I can choose to believe that I am beautiful and take away your power.

The R.O.A.R Program not only focuses on youth self-worth and empowerment, but it serves as a guide for parents by:

  • Defining Bullying

  • Determining who can be defined as a bully

  • Identifying the different forms of bullying

       (Physical, Verbal, Cyber)

  • Discussing the effects of bullying and identifying if your child is a victim

          The Three-Step Guide

  • Prevention - Instilling self-worth

  • Intervention - Contacting appropriate authorities (school, law)

  • Resolution - ending the bullying

Schools and churches please contact The F.A.A.B Foundation for group and non-profit pricing.
The R.O.A.R Program

Michele Lee Evans is a Motivational Speaker with a story of abuse, bullying, suicide attempts and overcoming a tumultous past. Her goal is to let women, men and youth know that they are not alone in these struggles, affirm their worth in this world and provide tools to help them rise to the top in all they do. HEALING is the ultimate goal of every conference or workshop she lends her voice to. 

If you are a school, church or youth organization administrator, or planning your next woman's conference and would like Mrs. Evans to be a key note speaker, please contact her via email or call.


The F.A.A.B Foundation provides services for youth and parents to help curtail instances of bullying.

  • Social Media Watchdog - Monitoring your child's social media sites for signs of bullying and reporting to appropriate people.

  • School mediation - Ensuring your child's school takes appropriate action when bullying is identified.

  • Crisis Hotline - available to talk or text with you or your child in a crisis emergency.

To inquire about services, please email us. If you need to chat, please click the crisis chat bar to the right.

Thank you. We will respond soon!

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